In progress

  • Sharq Crossing Doha
    ...more The Sharq Crossing (formerly Doha Bay Crossing) Masterplan has been developed by Santiago Calatrava at the request of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning (MMUP) and features a unique combination of an efficient civil engineering solution and a highly iconic design. The Masterplan features a major traffic connection linking the Airport area with the West Bay Financial District and the Cultural City.
    • View over the Bay with Skyline of Doha


  • 2014 Florida Polytechnic University (FPU) Lakeland
    ...more The university campus, through its formal arrangement and iconographic imagery, defines an institution that endeavors to give physical representation to man’s highest aspirations.


  • 2009 Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias Valencia
    ...more To maintain its city’s cultural standing, the government of Valencia resolved to establish a museum of national importance. The 35-hectare site chosen for this initiative is located in the dry bed of the Turia River, midway between the old city and the coastal district of Nazaret. A challenging architectural ensemble by Calatrava brings new focus to this previously incoherent and underdeveloped area, while linking the center city and the sea.